Mayas for Trading Stores traces its origins to the 1982 establishment of Mayas for Trading Stores as an importer of construction materials etc. Subsequently, the company continued to expand with the establishment of Mayas for Trading Stores in 2000 and with the acquisition of the whole establishment, MAYAS TRADING CORPORATION on April, 2010. We established Dawacom Modern Pharmacy as a member of Mayas For Trading company in 2016… Read More >



Promotional department

This department handles all kinds of promotion. The medical promotion is handled by a specialized sales force of medical representatives. They cover doctors on regular basis, pharmacies, drugstores and wholesalers. During their visits, they detail the products using necessary tools. The promotional department also takes care of the advertisement for the Consumer products with the collaboration of specialized advertisement agencies.

Distribution and sales

Distribution Network in Yemen: We have a distribution network that spans 11 cities in Yemen (the major cities), covering 80% of the pharmacies, drugstores, public and private hospitals, and wholesalers supermarkets (for consumer products). Our sales & marketing field force operates from 6 regional offices throughout the country. Our distribution network in Yemen includes 11 branches & consignee agents who ensure availability of our products across the country.


The delivery of the orders is executed by our delivery department with proper delivery vans. To further sustain our commercial strength and increase future growth potential, Mayas for Trading Stores is actively evaluating and pursuing the acquisition of new companies in markets of strategic importance.



Mr. Farag Mayas Executive Director Mayas for Trading Stores Pharma sector
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